Put Your Best FACE Forward

Beauty is certainly more than skin deep. Still, we spend a lot of money on promises of a “fountain of youth” in a bottle or jar. So many products and promises…how do you choose? You might not be aware that much of what you apply to your face and skin winds up inside your body.

Our skin absorbs substances very effectively and delivers them directly into the blood. Why is that important? The products that you are using on your skin may contain ingredients that do NOT belong in your body. Chemical preservatives (like parabens, for instance), artificial colorings and fragrances, and even hormone disruptors are often found in cosmetic products.

Using potentially toxic ingredients to cleanse, moisturize or highlight your skin will not make you appear more youthful.

As a matter of fact, toxins place a huge burden on skin cells and actually accelerate the aging process. Once they are absorbed into your blood, they circulate to wreak havoc throughout your body.

Be a savvy consumer. Read the labels of your body care products as carefully as you read food labels. Choose products that are clean, with ingredients grown without herbicides and pesticides. Choose products that nourish and nurture skin health.

FACEOur skin looks best when we care for it naturally, not with toxic chemicals! HempSMART FACE is a revolutionary CBD infused moisturizer.

This premium full spectrum CBD from hemp is enhanced with Mother Nature’s treasure chest of synergistic herbs and natural botanicals.

This rich concentrated cream penetrates quickly to moisturize. Ingredients like organic aloe, Sachi Inchi oil, argan oil, tulsi, frankincense, turmeric oil, coconut water, sea buckthorn and plant ceramides bathe each cell in a nourishing and rejuvenating environment of healthy hydration.

Apply this soothing and uniquely hydrating formula to your face and neck daily. In as little as one week, you will experience a softer, smoother, more youthful appearance. Dark spots begin to fade, “crepe paper” skin vanishes. You will also notice the appearance of fine lines has noticeably reduced.

We want you to look your BEST in a way that promotes your overall health.


Paula Vetter, FNP

Paula Vetter, FNP

Paula Vetter is a Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner with more than 30 years of experience in both Traditional and Functional Medicine. She is also a Certified Herbalist and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Paula was a Critical Care Instructor at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic for more than a decade, taught at two Ohio colleges, and did primary care in a busy Family Practice in NE Ohio. She is a Shoemaker Certified CIRS Practitioner with a private CIRS practice in central CA, until she recently retired. Her passion is educating, inspiring and empowering individuals and families to take charge of their health and transform their lives.