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The hempSMART Business Model

There are a number of reasons why hempSMART made the decision to distribute its ground-breaking products through the network marketing model.

Included, is the compelling fact that product sales through network marketing has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. After a great deal of analysis, hempSMART concluded that this business model is  ideal because our product users are typically strong proponents of the product, and this makes them want to share the product’s tremendous benefits with others. Network marketing business gives distributors the opportunity to fully explain the product’s benefits and uses, a key advantage of this distribution model.

The Surge in Success and Popularity

In recent years the popularity and success of Network Marketing companies direct-sales businesses continues to grow globally.

What’s driving this growth?  Many people want to work for themselves and control their own destiny, and Network Marketing, when companies do things the right way, like hempSMART, gives people great product AND allows people to create an income stream working part time as a result of building an organization, or team. There is also a significant cultural shift that has taken place with the huge expansion of social media.

Not only do people seek out advice and recommendations from their social network more now than ever before (thus word of mouth is still hugely influential.)

You can benefit from all of these trends, with hempSMART!

$40 billion in US and $190 billion in worldwide sales in 2015

90% industry growth in the past 10 years

180 million + people in the world who work with some type of direct-sales business

How Does Network Marketing Work

The typical Multilevel Marketing program works through referring others. You are invited to become an affiliate, through another affiliate or customer.

If you choose to become an Affiliate with hempSMART, you'll earn income both through the sales of the products and through referring other affiliates and customers by receiving a portion of the income those on YOUR team generate.

Building an Organization

The next step in growing your business is building an organization. Let’s look at what an organization is and how the Compensation Plan rewards you for developing your business.

What is an Organization?

For the purposes of this plan, your organization is defined as you, all the Affiliates and customers that you enroll and all the Field Representatives that they sponsor, down to the last person directly or indirectly sponsored by you. Think of your organization like a family tree. You would be at the top of the tree, and your organization includes you and all of your descendants.

Building an Organization

Building an organization is the key to harnessing the full power of the affiliate marketing business model. There are only 168 hours in a week, and there is a limit to how many hours any one individual can work. With your help, other hempSMART Affiliates in your organization can build their own organizations, which could mean thousands of combined work hours! The best part... you get paid on a percentage of the sales your organization generates! This is in addition to what you earn for your own sales. Imagine the possibilities for growth ... over time, as your organization grows, you can earn more money than you ever could working alone. As your organization flourishes, you can easily see how you could be earning income using the concept(s) of leverage.

HempSMART can help you change your wellness and your financial health TODAY!